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Green Stain Hack

I FINALLY found the solution for staining wood with red undertones!

This may not seem like a big deal to most- but if you have ever spent HOURS sanding, striping, bleaching wood- only to have it pull red or pink- you will want to keep reading.

Green Stain is the answer if you don’t want all the details!

I wanted to make my dark table a light, drift wood look. So first I stripped it with citrastrip. Next, I sanded it for hours and hours (no joke). Once it was down to the bare wood, I realized that it had a red undertone (cherry wood, is my guess).

So I bleached it, sanded it again. Then I tried all my go-to wood lightening options: Pickled oak stain, lime wax, more bleach…. But nothing worked- It just looked light pink. Not an option.

I was about to give up and make it dark again with Java gel stain- when I came across an article on Pinterest by a hair stylist.

She said the key was neutralizing the red first with green stain. Simple color theory. MIND BLOWN.

So, I thought “what the heck” and tried it…. and it totally worked! I applied a very light coat of green stain (Minwax), then went over it with a lighter warmer brown stain (Early American Minwax). Poly’d it with a matte finish (General Finish). Voilà!!!

I’m obsessed with how it turned out. You can now see all the intricate detail, and awesome wood grain.

Oh I also re-covered my chairs!

Link to Minwax Wood Stain:

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