"I’m so glad I discovered Rine Revisions on Instagram! We needed some ideas to help us update our California home. Jess helped with paint colors, suggested a few additional pieces, but mainly we worked with what we already had! We’ve already made changes to our living room using her suggestions and am so happy with the results. Looking forward to updating our other spaces. Thank you Jess!"

Melanie and Andrew L. , Folsom CA

“Working with Jess was everything I didn’t know I needed. As someone who has little confidence in my design or aesthetic abilities – and very little time to figure it out – she came in and made it seamless. She knew what questions to ask to understand my style, put up the guardrails for me so I didn’t make any bad decisions, but also allowed me the chance to make decisions along the way. She had a vision for my space that I couldn’t see until it was complete and it was even better than I could have imagined. Our house feels like a home and I still can’t believe the transformation that took place. I could have never done this without her and now that this project is complete, the wheels are starting to turn about what’s next. If you have a project and need some help, don’t hesitate – she is incredible. “

Brynn Popa, Akron OH

“Jess provided a creative and technical solutions to create functional and attractive spaces that fit our style and helped us improve our daily lives. With a family of six, we needed to have comfortable and spacious seating and maximize all available space. Not only did Jess check off all the boxes, but she helped us shop for furniture, lighting and gave us suggestions on how to change up our kitchen so it’d be more efficient.
She found the best deals to stay within our budget too!
After completing our addition, we wanted her to decorate the rest of the house! With her rates and expertise, she made our home look like it was out of a ‘Better Homes and Garden’ magazine and we stayed within in our budget. With our busy lives, I gave Jess complete control of picking out all the decor, such as mirrors, pillows, rugs, blankets and pictures…I trusted Jess completely to choose items and make our beautiful and inviting!
Next year, we’re moving outside and have her decorate our new bar and patio so it’ll match the rest our home!
Thank you, Jess! We’re so fortunate to have found you to make our home beautiful!!!”

Amy & Tim, Green OH