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Battery Operated Lights

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

All right let’s talk battery operated lights real quick. I had a lot of questions.

First was the battery operated one I got from Amazon. (It’s been out of stock, so I won’t give a link). I put it in my black hallway going down the stairs.

Pros: Great source of light, super convenient. Didn’t have to hardwire anything. It had a remote.

Cons: It didn’t really fit in the light well, but I was able to just stick it in there. My kids lost the remote. You have to constantly recharge it with a USB cord. Which can be kind of annoying.

Second was the battery operated lightbulb that I used in the Miller Property Dining Room. I got it at Target.

Pros: It was at Target, where I was. It can be used as a flashlight. It charges in any light socket. (I used a lamp.) Didn’t have to hardwire anything.

Cons: Not super bright. No remote- you have to turn on a switch on the actual bulb.

Bottom line is this isn’t a great source of light. If you need this to be an every day, use all the time source of light, then I don’t recommend it. It is perfect for the Spaces in your home you just want to bring a little fun design element.

For the dining room she has plenty of can lights, she doesn’t plan to use this very much.

It’s very ornamental. Same goes with my staircase. I did it because it looked cool, it would be nice when company is over (if I could find the remote.). But other than that it’s not particularly functional.

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Hope this helps answer any questions. And please feel free to drop a comment if you think of some thing I didn’t cover!!

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