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The Hawke Property

The Hawke Property

I started working on the Hawke property last year at this time. They were about to start a huge renovation on their kitchen, pretty much blowing out all the walls and reconfiguring the whole area. Last year we focused on the family room since that wouldn’t be part of the project.

Fast forward to today, the huge renovation is done, and so amazing. But at the end of the day, Leanna was left feeling disappointed. Not with the actual renovation, just that it didn’t feel like “her home.”

This actually comes up quite a lot in my appointments. People spend a ton of money on renovating or building their dream home, and then they are left flat or disappointed. They don’t love it like they thought they would, and the thought of making one more decision or spend one more dollar about puts them over the edge.

That’s where I come in. My job is to come in and finish the space and make it their home. This is my favorite part!

(Sidebar: I always advise my clients to sit in the space and live in it for a while. Finishing a space isn’t cheap either. Even though I get great deals and everything on sale, it all adds up. I advise before spending any more money make sure you know the direction and style you’re going for (or that you want me to go for😉)).

Swipe through to see all the before and afters at The Hawke Property. (The dining room table and banquette haven’t even come in yet, you’ll have to stay tuned! )

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