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Rustic Skinny Bench

Rustic Skinny Bench

This was a first. I took something new and made it look old…. Usually it’s the other way around. Let’s get to it!!

What I used:

New skinny bench ($60 from Hobby Lobby)

Dewalt sander.

Oven cleaner.

Carbide scraper.

Stanley kids wood rasp file and saw ( can use grown up ones if you like.)

Stains: Zar Gray Cashmere Stain and MW Early American.

I can not express enough how much fun and easy this project was!!! You can’t mess it up!

1. Stripped it with oven cleaner.

2. Sanded it, so much. Used 60 grit, then 120 to smooth it out after step 3.

3. Scraped it, filed it, sawed it.. just went to town!!!!! Really worked at getting rid of the square edges.

4. Stained it super lightly with GC then lightly with EA. (Finish with a matte top coat if you plan to put drinks it)

5. Done!!

I have also seen this done with stools for cute end tables! You could also do this any bench- not just a skinny one.

These rustic benches are so popular and so expensive! Swipe to see all the photos and my inspo pic… it was $400!!!!!!

Pretty much everything I used was purchased at Hartville Hardware.

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