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Black and White Checkered Painted Tile Floors:

This was actually really fun, but a few words of caution. Make sure to let each layer of paint dry in between coats. Try to keep dust and debris to a minimal. Do not step on it in between steps, this may be really hard for kitchen areas. We closed this powder room off for an entire week. I kept the same pair of socks on the bathroom counter and only wore those socks when I was working (it sounds hard, but it really wasn't, you know I don't do difficult DIY's).

Scroll to the bottom if you just want to see the awesome before and afters! I also have a supplies list there too.

Let's GO!!!!

Step 1: Clean. Re-Clean. Then Clean again. You get the point. I did not use harsh chemicals because I did not want any residue left behind. I scrubbed the entire floor with hot soapy water and a scrub pad (I used whatever dish soap I had on hand). Then I re-cleaned it with a microfiber cloth. Repeat. I then dried it with another dry micro fiber cloth.

The floor wasn't sealed properly, so it always looked dirty! No matter what I tried, it would look nice for a day or so then turn brown again. It also cracked so I filled in what I could with a tile repair kit on Amazon. Not great, but it did a decent job,

Step 2: PRIME!!!!! This is literally the most important step! It is how the rest of the paint will adhere to the tile. I used Stix because it is amazing (and that is what the guys at Hartville Hardware told me to use)!

Make sure to let the primer dry over night. I did 24 hours. It already looks way better!

Step 3: Apply your base coat. I chose Benjamin Moore's Steam. It is a soft white, plus it's what I used on my walls. I did 3 coats (let dry in between coats).

Step 3: Tape first section off and then paint 2 coats of the dark squares. I chose Benjamin Moore's Deep River because it is a "black" with green undertones. I didn't want it to be too harsh. I had to make my own squares since my tile was rectangle to begin with. Also, don't buy crap tape. I listed mine at the bottom.

Make sure to let it fully dry in between coats. (Can you tell this is an important step?)

Step 4: Take off existing tape and re-tape other squares in opposite rows. Paint 2 coats

Step 5: Remove tape. You may need touch ups. I did in some areas where I did not press the tape down hard enough.

I used an 2 inch angled brush to smooth out the lines. That was my favorite part...

Now for the last step, the top coat. I am not going to lie, I was freaking out inside. I was worried that the matte Poly would make the black paint look cloudy. NOT AT ALL. Obviously, I have not used the right Poly in the past. General Finishes Flat High Performance Water based topcoat was a DREAM!!! (Link at the bottom). I applied 2 coats with small foam roller.

This is when it is still wet. You can barely see the crack now that it has dried.

I will say it has been over 2 weeks since I finished the floor, we have lived on it like normal, and I am OBSESSED with it!! It is warmer than before and so easy to clean! I use my little Miele Vacuum on it and mop as I normally did. I will check back in 6 months and give you an update.

Below is the supplies list, then the Before and Afters!

NOW the Before and Afters!! EEK!

We kept the same vanity, mirror, light fixture and even the decor! It's crazy how it feels like a completely different room!

Please feel free to comment with your questions!! There is also I lot more video's on my Instagram and Facebook Pages.

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