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Clay Bowl

Want to make an awesome clay bowl for free… obvi.

All of my DIY projects start the same way. I see something I want. I don’t want pay for it. I figure out how to do it as cheap as possible. Usually it involves spray paint-but this time it involved Elmer's glue..

This could be done on any bowl, plate or vase. I had a shape in mind, so I found a bowl that was close. It was an old wooden bowl that had completely cracked and faded.

So here we go:

  1. Prime whatever item you want to make awesome. This is my favorite primer.......and I had it in my garage.

  2. Make Paste: One cup of flour (I had only had Almond Flour, so that is what I used) with half cup of glue (Elmers). Slop it on with a paintbrush..seriously slop. Don’t try to be perfect. It is supposed to be an ancient clay bowl that the Aztecs made...

  3. Let dry, at least over night. (it will be hard like clay when it is done)

  4. Paint with whatever color you want it to be. I used Benjamin Moore Muslin, ( ) because I had a sample laying around. Add a few TBLS of baking soda to the paint for even more texture.

  5. Let dry.

  6. Done! (If you want more dimension, you can dab on another color, like black or even dark brown. These are supposed to look old and weathered.)

Prime. This is really important- the mixture may not adhere as well without it.

Slop on paste, let dry.


Throw in some seasonal decor, I chose pine cones and some winter greens. It will probably be planter in the spring!

Okay, how was that for short and sweet???

Have an awesome weekend!!!

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