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Dark and Moody Stairway

Our basement door was really annoying. If it was open, it took up space in my kitchen. When it was closed, I couldn't hear what my kids were doing down there. We took the door down a few years ago and just liked having the stairway open. The problem is that everyone sees the doorway from the main living area, so I wanted it to look and feel intentional. I had also seen this wallpaper from Roommates that I wanted to use somewhere and this was the perfect spot!

So here are the details.

  1. I filled in the holes from the door hardware to make it look like standard casing. I just used wood filler and a sanding block. I painted the trim with BM's Advance Trim Paint.

2. Shane hung 1x3 boards to created a board and batten look. He hung it at the top and bottom as well to give a cleaner look. He then caulked all the seams.

3. I painted the walls and wood Benjamin Moore's Wrought Iron. It's a blackish/charcoal color. I chose this because I wanted the wallpaper at the bottom of the stairs to POP!

4. I wallpapered the wall at the bottom of the steps with Maritime Peel and Stick Wallpaper from Roommates.

5. I wanted a light on the stairs but there was no way to run electrical to it. We ordered this wall sconce from Amazon, mounted it to the wall, and then put a battery operated light bulb in it. By the way, I am obsessed with milk glass.

6. I gel stained the old railing and wooden ledge with General Finishes Java Gel stain. This is the same can I have used for 4 other projects - it lasts forever!

7. I painted the ceiling white.

8. Shane switched out the light switch plate with a matte gray one to blend in to the wall.

9. We plan to change the carpet soon!

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