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DIY Clay Vase

I get asked about the clay vase I did for the Hartville Hardware 20/20 Challenge

all the time. It is what spurred me to start a blog because I got tired of explaining how to do it.

Lets get started.

  1. Find a whatever object you want to make awesome. I have used this technique on glass, ceramic and stoneware.

  2. Prime first. This is crucial, the paint will not adhere properly without it. Let Dry.

  3. Find some paint. I used old sample colors I had laying around. This one is Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee. (side bar: BM still does samples!)

  4. Once you have the base, now you can layer. Let Dry

  5. Mix paint with baking soda. I usually start with a TBLS, and then add more if I want it to be thicker.

  6. Use a cheap paint brush and apply in short criss-cross strokes. Let Dry.

  7. Pick another color to make it look dirty and aged. I have used black, brown and gray paint. Add Baking Soda to it, this one you want to be very thick. Don't get too much paint on the brush, just a little bit at a time. Apply using the same criss-cross strokes, in random parts of the object. Let Dry.,

  8. Now here is the best part, if you are happy with result. Seal with a spray sealer. If you aren't happy, add another layer of your base mixture and try again. I think the more layers you do, the better it looks!

  9. You can not screw this up! It is supposed to be old and weathered. Have fun with it!!

Found this huge vase at the Hartville Marketplace Fleemarket for $20!!! I almost didn't paint it because I loved the green. But it was pretty chipped up on the other side. Plus that would have made for a very boring 20/20 challenge.

Apply your paint mixture to the vase in short criss cross strokes. I used Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee

Now layer with your darker color paint mixture. Same stroke pattern, but just use a very small amount of paint.

Once you are happy with your vase, make sure to seal it! Here is the one I use.

Here it is with my fall decor. Faux Pampas Grass from Hobby Lobby.

It looks different in every room! Dried Pampas Grass from Hobby Lobby.

Here is another pitcher I did. This one I added more baking soda for a thicker texture.

Ok, Now it is your turn!!

Check out the Rine Revisions and Hartville Hardware 20/20 Challenge! Its on Facebook and Instagram.

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