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Functional Design

I love helping people transform a space into something beautiful, but it is even better when we can make a space more functional too! The days of following all the “design rules” are over, your house, your rules.

The Browns pantry is a classic example of this new way of thinking. They took their small, formal dining room and turned it into an amazing butler’s pantry/ office. A Space that was only used a few times a year is now used multiple times a day, every day. That is functional design, it’s a huge win in my book.

I would love to take full credit for the space, but I was more of a sounding board for Sara. It’s easy to see why I hired her to be part of my team. She is awesome!

Swipe to see all the before and Afters-

And if you check out my stories today, you’ll see more behind the scenes of Sara’s home. She made a lot of really smart design decisions when they first moved in. Check it out!!

Peel and stick wallpaper NextWall Wallcoverings link in bio!

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