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Liquidation Stores

Let’s talk about these liquidation stores. These places buy Amazon/Target pallets and resell the items. Some items are returns some are damaged/salvaged. Here is my honest review of 3 places I shop regularly. 1. Mr. Beans This and That (Ellet, Ohio): What I love about the store is it super clean, organized and it’s mostly new items. They assemble all of the items- So you know exactly what you’re getting when you buy it. They have a good mix of Target and Amazon items. Their prices are amazing, but not as cheap as the other two stores below. BUT that’s because you don’t have to rummage through a bunch of crap. Their staff is so helpful and friendly. The best part: ALL of their Target apparel is $3!!! All brand new! 2. KrazyBins: ( Akron). The store is mostly Target overflow items. A lot of seasonal decor that didn’t sell, or pieces that are no longer carried in the store. Prices are great. This is definitely more of a warehouse feel. They do have some assembled pieces, but there are tons of boxes of new furniture that’s never been assembled. This can be overwhelming if you’re trying to look for like a set of four chairs. Staff was really friendly. I have to be in the mood to rummage when I shop here. They do a lot of fun sales. 3. Online Liquidation Auction, OLA: (Stow) This is an app you have to download. Here they do auctions. Each auction has around 400 items and you can scroll through and bid on the items you want. Every auction has a time limit. If you win, you go to warehouse to pick your items up. Most of the items are Amazon returns-so you definitely need to be careful and read the description. I only buy items that say “new, or used/new”. This is not for the faint of heart. The process can be a little overwhelming, but I’ve gotten some crazy deals. Warning: All sales are final for all three places. So there you have it - comment below if you love these places too!! Swipe through the pics- There are several items from each place! #rinerevisions #fypシ #rinerevision #fyp #designtips #designtipsandtricks #designtipsforyou #palletliquidation #ola #krazybins #krazybinsakron #deals #dealsdealsdeals #dealsandsteals

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