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Open Shelves: Yay or Nay?

Open shelves in the kitchen. Yay or nay? Since getting rid of all our upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelves we have had a lot of questions. So today I am here to answer them. Q: “Should I get rid of my cabinets?” Yes, IF : 1. You hate them. 2. They are in terrible shape. 3. You have plenty of other storage OR don’t mind purging stuff you don’t need. 4. Want to make your space feel bigger. No, IF: 1. You aren’t sure. 2. You need to hide lots of crap. 3. Have really nice cabinets that are in great shape - I would suggest painting if you really hate the color. 4. Household is divided on the issue. It is a style and look that isn’t for everyone. Don’t push it if it is going to cause unnecessary drama. If you are in the “No” category, but still hate your cabinets: Consider taking down a section of them and replacing those with open shelves. This is great to break up a really heavy wood kitchen (I have had 3 consultations this month with dark cherry cabinets, this was a practical solution for all of them). It is great for beverage stations. This gives you a little of the best of both worlds. That’s enough for today - I’ll save “styling open shelves” for another day. Swipe all the way to see the our kitchen when we bought the house 9 years ago!!! What will it look like 9 years from now? #rinerevisions #interiordesign #diy #budgetdecor #diyhomedecor #doityourself #loveyourhomeagain #doit #letmehelpyou #diyprojects #diyproject #pocketofmyhome #designconsultant #loveyourhome #beforeandafter #beforeandafterhomeedition #beforeandafterrenovation #openshelfkitchen #openshelving #fyp #fypシ

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