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Pantry Door Makeover

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

My Pantry Door makeover. No one loves their bifold pantry doors. Ours would literally fall off the track all. The. Time. I saw a gal turn the brackets on her existing bi-fold doors around and make it open like saloon doors. Done deal. However- I wanted an old, wood, antique door with history and character. So I looked for antique bi-fold doors….for months…no luck. …. THEN while at @marshallsantiquemarket they gave me a great idea of cutting a door in half to fit my needs! So that is what I did. Here are the details: 1 antique door: 80x 28 ($75-$150 a door, mine was $75) Cut door in half. (Thanks Roy) Sand, strip, and stain door to color you want. Mount brackets to outside of doors ($10) Add hardware (Amazon, $10) Done!!! This makes it way easier to open and close! What do you think??? Are you heading to Marshalls this weekend or what?!? Get some cool books while you are there….

Shop for the stain and more on my Amazon Storefront. Here's the link:

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