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Styling Your Mantle

Mantles are tricky. I know this because they come up in almost every initial consultation. So here is my go to formula when I style a mantle.

1. Start with a blank slate.

2. Pick one large focal point: A mirror, clock or art work always work for me.

3. Layer. Let me say it again layer. Layer items of similar size on each side. Do not spread the items out sporadically. Use pictures, vases and candlesticks.

4. Add a live element. (Doesn’t have to be real). This is where I bring in seasonal greenery.

5. Think Triangle. I don’t think that needs an explanation.


For extra points add a basket with pretty blankets, cool fireplace tools or a log holder on the hearth.

Here are some of my favorite mantles that I have styled over the years. I even added mine from Christmas last year for all of you who need a Christmas fix.

My favorite mantle mirror and candle sticks are in my Amazon Shop! (Link in bio)

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