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The Barry Property

Ahhh The Barry Property. Seriously, this is like my second home. When I started working with them about six months ago, they were like a lot of homeowners. Done.

They had gone through an expensive and heartbreaking renovation, and just had decision fatigue. They could not spend one more dollar, or make one more design choice. So they didn’t.

Can you relate? For years they lived in a “really nice house” that never felt like home. Well, we are changing that one space at a time.

First, we did the family room, dining room, and powder room. This time around we did, backsplash, new pendant lights and updated the upstairs bathrooms.

Today, I am going to show the new pendants and backsplash- tomorrow is all about the bathrooms. I love this family and it has been my honor to help them love the home they are in.

What will we do next??? Foyer? Master bedroom? Basement? Kids rooms?? Stay tuned!

Check out all the before and afters! ( I even added a few before the huge renovation 5 years ago!)

Ashley Pendants in my Amazon Store Front. Check the link below!

Shout out to Nate for the amazing brick backsplash and to Nick for the awesome electrical work!!

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