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The DIY Oven Cleaner Project

The Oven Cleaner DIY project was a roller coaster of emotions.

A good friend and client asked me if I had used oven cleaner to strip furniture… “No, but I am now!”

So I asked my mom to run me to Walmart (still can’t drive for two more weeks… foot surgery is the worst). I bought the generic brand ($3) oven cleaner and got to work.

Read this before trying this out:

-You MUST wear gloves. Just trust me on this.

-It’s not great for wood, so I suggest doing it on things that are smaller and not high traffic items. I wouldn’t do it on a beloved antique or something of value.

-It needs to be real wood - not veneer or plywood.


1. Spray item with oven cleaner. Let sit for at least 20 mins.

2. Scrub with wire brush.

3. Rinse with water. Let dry.

4. Repeat. I did 3 rounds with this piece.

5. Finish with a matte sealer or wax. (Optional)

That’s it.

My final conclusion: it’s worth a try. I was annoyed that I didn’t love it after the first two rounds, but after the third, I was satisfied.

It’s a messy job - do it outside in old clothes. Did I mention gloves are a MUST!?

Thanks Sarah for the recommendation. Thanks mom for the old magazine holder I stole from your basement. (Swipe to see before pic)

Link to Great Value Oven Cleaner:

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