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Ughh....Not Another Blog.....

Hi! I am Jess Rine, owner and lead designer of Rine Revisions. I am not a "reader" (black sheep of my family, true story). I can read, I just don't. I also don't like to write and I don't ever listen to podcasts. I sound like a blast, huh? This blog is not to tell what I had for breakfast this morning, or what I think about any relevant world topics. It is purely and only for my DIY projects and design hacks.

My passion is helping others LOVE their home no matter the size of the house or budget. I thrive on finding decor dupes and easy diy solutions that make my home a space I LOVE. I rarely pay full price for anything.

Cliff Notes history lesson on Rine Revisions:

  • My husband Shane and I started R.R. on January, 25 2021.

  • We have 3 girls, (yes we know they will be soooo dramatic in high school).

  • We bought our first home together in 2013

  • It was previously vacant for almost 2 years and was a complete gut job.

  • I like designer decor, I don't like to spend money on it.

  • We loved learning how to do home projects ourselves.

  • My kids are all in school now and I didn't want to get a real job.

  • Started sharing my design hacks and ideas on social media.

  • I want to help you love your home, I don't care how much money you have.

  • I have a social media partnership with Hartville Hardware.

  • I can't write anything without Shane proofreading. It's bad.


So why the blog? I continuously get questions about my DIY projects and I got tired of scrolling through my posts looking for the links to send to people. Plus, not everyone is on social media (for good reasons). This blog is designed to be a central location for everyone to see my projects & ideas and how to do them.

Alright, I have said too much, I have already lost interest in my own blog....

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