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Wallpaper Wednesday

Every Wednesday I will be rating one of the peel and stick wallpaper installs I have done. My Rine Revisions Rating will be based on 3 things: 1. Price Point. 2. User ability (how easy it is to install) 3. Design Options Magnolia Home’s “pick up sticks” peel and stick wallpaper. ($50) My nephew Micah’s Nursery: overall rating 8/10 1. Price point: 9/10, $50 per roll is on the higher end. 2. User ability: 9/10. So easy to install, the paper wasn’t too thin or too thick. The repeat matched up really easy. My only concern is that it peeled at the corners- which at this price point shouldn’t happen. We glued the corners down and it was fine. 3. Design Options: 10/10 Magnolia Homes is always on trend and offers a wide variety of options. They also come out with new designs periodically. I would 100 percent Recommend this product! The pattern is great for almost any space- powder rooms, foyers and bedrooms! #rinerevisions #diy #wallpaper #diyer #wallpaperlady #peelandstickwallpaper #diyers #peelandstick #fypシ #fyp #magnoliahome #joannagainesstyle #chipandjoanna #pickupstickswallpaper

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