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Wallpaper Wednesday - Rifle Paper Co.

Wallpaper Wednesday! Buckle up, today is a doozy. Every Wednesday I rate one of the peel and stick wallpaper I have installed. The Rine Revisions Rating is based on 3 things: 1. Price Point. 2. User ability (how easy it is to install) 3. Design Options This week: Rifle Paper Co. Willow berry (Linen & Emerald $60/roll) Where: Tipton Property Overall Rating: 4/10 (that’s being generous) 1. Price point: 7/10, $60/roll isn’t crazy expensive, but it is definitely on the higher end. It’s a big investment if you are doing a large wall or entire room. 2. User ability: 0/10: this paper was very disappointing. First, it was NOT easy to install (and thats with Erica and I doing it). But that’s not even why I rated it so low- this paper BUBBLES like NO other wallpaper I have EVER installed. Every couple weeks they have to go back over and smooth out all the bubbles- THAT SHOULDN’T HAPPEN!!! It hasn’t happened with any other brand I have installed. 3. Design Options: 10/10. The paper is gorgeous- no doubt. They have really great patterns to choose from, but I would NOT recommend this paper to anyone. Ever. I even thought it was just this batch- But Erica, (my other installer) actually bought a different pattern (same company) for her daughter’s room, and it completely fell off the wall…..and bubbled all over. I was so excited about this paper, I loved the pattern and colors. It was perfect for an old historic home, but it’s been nothing but heartache for my client. She’s still waiting to hear back from them. They told her to contact the manufacturer York Wallcoverings. It is so bad, that I have decided that I will not install paper from this company in the future. Swipe to see pictures. The rooms still need to be styled- but I didn’t want to wait any longer to review it. #rinerevisions #wallpaper #wallpaperlady #peelandstickwallpaper #diyers #peelandstick #fypシ #riflepaperco #yorkwallcoverings

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