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Wallpaper Wednesday - Scott Living Gray Peel and Stick

Wallpaper Wednesday!

Every Wednesday I will be rating one of the peel and stick wallpaper installs I have done.

The Rine Revisions Rating will be based on 3 things:

1. Price Point.

2. User ability (how easy it is to install)

3. Design Options

This week: Several spaces!!

P&S Wallpaper: Scott Living Gray Peel and Stick Wallpaper (about $45/roll)

Overall Rating: 9/10

1. Price point: 10/10 This might seem a little high, but the price per square foot is great. Meaning you get a bigger roll. I also love the quality of this paper.

2. User ability: 10/10 this paper was very easy to install, and the repeat is easy to find.

3. Design Options: 9/10. I love this particular pattern and have used it in several different homes and rooms. But the line as a whole is pretty limited. They have several patterns I love- but they haven’t updated or added any new patterns in a while. So I am limited to using only the ones I like.

So there you have it. Would I install it again? Absolutely. Would I recommend it to someone looking to install it themselves. Yes!

Alright, Which paper should I do next week?

Swipe to see the Before and After’s of the different spaces I have installed this paper!

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