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Wallpaper Wednesday : Takeover Edition

Wallpaper Wednesday: Takeover Edition

This week I asked Sara (my design assistant) to share her experience with peel and stick wallpaper. This is only the second time she has installed P&S wallpaper , I want you to hear from someone who doesn’t do it regularly: Here we go!

Rine Revisions Rating is based on 3 things:

1. Price Point.

2. User ability (how easy it is to install)

3. Design Options

NextWall Chevron Faux Marble Tile Peel and Stick wallpaper. ($35)

My Pantry Backsplash: overall rating 9.5/10

1. Price point: 10/10, $35 per roll is a great price point.

2. User ability: 9/10, It was easy to install, and the paper wasn’t too thin or too thick. It came with directions and it was easy to match the pattern. I usually like a little texture to the paper and this didn’t have that but it still looks great.

3. Design Options: 10/10, NextWall has a ton of different pattern choices.

I would 100 percent Recommend this product! I loved this pattern for my space since I was using it as a backsplash and it looks like tile. It was the perfect addition to this project.

Swipe to see before and after pictures!

(Jess here: I’m actually going to have Sara do an entire post on her pantry. They converted their small dining room into a pantry/office and it’s awesome!!! )

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