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What's old, what's new, what's cheap?

What’s old, what’s new, what’s cheap?

This is my new segment that I’m going to start every week. Every Tuesday I’m gonna show you a space in my home (or a clients) that I have updated. Every time I design a space I like to incorporate these three things. I love mixing old items that have sentimental value and worth. I always add in a few new elements like paint or just new decor and then I like to find cheap items to fill in when I am running out of space in the budget.

Old: this will be some thing I already own, or just some thing that was given to me from a family member or friend for free. This item will almost always have sentimental value to me or Shane.

New: I will show you how I updated the space with new decor, paint or both. (All the details will be given.)

And Cheap: a finished space is literally non-negotiable for me. I start twitching if the space isn’t finished. But sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for all new everything, so I have to get creative. This is the best part for me. I have to either reimagine items I find on Facebook marketplace, thrift stores or find some really awesome dupe. Usually this is the item I am the most excited to show people.

So today I will start broad. My Family Room. We recently got new couches and I pretty much got everything else either free or really cheap! In the coming weeks, I will break down smaller areas like the coffee table and bookshelves. But today is an overview.

New: Couches (Wayside), ottomans (Target).

Old: Desk and wall art that I redid (see previous posts). Grandpa Rine’s awesome MCM chair. Clock (kohls circa 2008), lamps (repainted them). Console table (world market), black cabinet (moms basment).

Cheap: coffee table (free!! Shout out to the Steere’s for this gem!!), similar wood chair from Facebook Marketplace ($40!! I had Shane shave down the legs to be the same height as the other chair).

**I covered both chairs cushions with covers from Amazon.

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