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What's old, what's new, what's cheap?

What’s old, what’s new, what’s cheap? Every time I design a space I like to incorporate these three things. For more explanation check out last week’s post (way too long to repost all the details).

Last week was big, my family room. Today is small, my entry way.

I don’t have a grand entrance to my home. I wish I did. I don’t. What’s nice about that is that I can change it up a lot without spending a ton of money. I’ve had a bench there, a tall vase, trees, baskets, hooks, the list goes on and on. Right now it’s my favorite. But I say that every time I change it. Let’s dive in!

What’s Old: black table from my mom’s basement. I love this thing and have moved it everywhere in my house. I’ll never refinish it because I love that it is naturally worn and distressed.

What’s New: Artwork ($30) Lamp ($30) and Tray ($25) all from @homegoods Wicker lamps are all the rage- I found this one for $30, which was a steal compared to what other lamps its size are going for.

What’s Cheap: White milk glass planter: OLA $2!! it was actually supposed to be a pendant light. I didn’t need a light so I flipped and put a plant in it! Anytime I can incorporate milk glass, I will. Also, I only buy pothos plants when they are half off. Always check to see if there is a clearance section in the plant department- they are always clearing out inventory even heathy plants!

There you have it. Check out our footer through out the years.

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