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What’s old, what’s new, what’s cheap?

Every time I design a space I like to incorporate these three things. Old-Something of value (monetary or sentimental.). New-items that freshen up the space or even just a new paint color. Cheap-a great dupe or thrift find. Today is my moody den. It all started with painted bookshelves I found on FBMP….which lead to painting the whole room! It’s such a contrast to the rest of my home that is primarily white. (Benjamin Moore Steam to be exact). It is currently our favorite space in the house. What’s Old: My mom’s old leather recliner. This chair is the most comfortable seat in my home.It’s wasn’t super expensive or fancy- in fact she got it at Wayside’s clearance center almost 20 years ago!!!! (Talk about quality 😉). Other old awesome stuff: piano, books, lamps shelf decor… What’s New: Faux leather swivels- we got these on wayFAIR for a crazy deal and they are super comfortable!!! Perfect for playing video games and looking out the window. New Paint: Benjamin Moore Gloucester Sage. Curtains: Amazon (link in bio) AND MOOSE!!! Our new Puppy! What’s Cheap: Bookshelves: Facebook Marketplace ($100 for both) Coffee table: I found a dining table on FBMP for $30. Shane cut it down to make it a coffee table. It even has a leaf when we need it! Ruffle Bowl: thrifted glass bowl that I spray painted. We completely transformed this room for around $1000! And now it is a room we actually use all the time. #rinerevisions #fypシ #pocketofmyhomeinteriors #pocketofmyhome #fyp #designtipsandtricks #loveyourhome #loveyourhomeeveryday #Facebook #Marketplace #facebookmarketplace #benjaminmoorepaint #benjaminmoore #Wayfair #waysidefurniture #whatsoldnewcheap

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