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Wood Game Table

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

The best part of my job is that people are constantly tagging me or sending me pics of free furniture! The worst part of my job is that you guys keep me so busy I don’t have the time to refinish pieces like I used to!

BUT- when a friend sent me this table- I jumped on it! I’ve actually been wanting to do this for a while: a natural wood game table with a chess board stained right on it.

Here are the details:

1. I stripped the table with oven cleaner because it had a ton of marker stains. I wanted to make sure I penetrated all the way through. I let it sit for 24 hours. Then scrubbed and rinsed it thoroughly. (Please make sure to wear gloves and a mask. )

2. I sanded it down with 80 grit paper.

3. Next up was bleaching. I used low drip bleach and painted it on the table. If you can, let it soak in the sun. This removed all the yellowness out of the pine wood.

4. I taped a large checkerboard stencil (20x20)(Amazon $25), and applied the stain.

PROTIP: Stain will bleed. Use SMALL amounts of stain on a rag when applying.

5. I wanted the board to be slightly lighter than the outside. So I taped off the checker board and Poly’d the inside. Once that was dry, I carefully stained the perimeter . This kept the stain from bleeding inside the checkerboard.

6. Lastly, I applied General Finishes matte Poly to the entire table. Done!

**Cool wood stained chess/checkers pieces: Amazon.

You could do this to any coffee table, dining table or side table! Just use paint to stencil it if you don’t want to sand anything.

I love how it turned out- even when no one is playing on it!

Shop for the supplies and more on my Amazon Storefront! Here's the link:

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